Here’s To Shirley!
The Tammy L Hall Trio Pays Tribute to Shirley Horn at Keys Jazz Bistro October 13-14. Four shows at 7 and 9pm.


Shirley Horn is still the Queen of Slow- ballads. There is no question that Here’s To Life, the award winning recording released in 1992 by Verve, is still one of the best-selling recordings of all time and certainly the most romantic.

This one reignited her career and introduced her to a couple of generations of new listeners. I am still in awe of that particular repertoire, composed by and so deftly and beautifully arranged by Johnny Mandel (his crowning glory- imho) and their collaboration.

We’re excited to present some very well and not so well known ‘Shirley’ tunes at Keys Bistro in October. I look forward to seeing you there.
Here’s To Life; Here’s To Shirley!

SPECIAL EVENT – Tammy L Hall appears in the film documentary “The Nine Lives Of Barbara Dane” as part of the Mill Valley Film Festival.

OCTOBER 10th, 2023

Film Screening: 5pm Sequoia Theater, Mill Valley

Tribute Concert:  7pm Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley

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